Monday, November 8, 2010

Words To Live By

Inside my Desk Drawer

Monday Pick-Me-Up: Office Desk Shrine
If you peek inside my desk drawer, you will find something that makes me happy, not only on Monday, but every day of the work week. It is a little vignette celebrating three simple words: Creative, Spiritual, Joyful.

The words serve as a  reminder of how I want to approach each day. When I'm stressed and I open the drawer, these simple post-it notes help me reframe things.

Work in Progress

From Desk to Wall
I thought it might be fun to take the idea of my desk shrine and turn it into some wall art. This is a "work in progress" polymer clay mosaic that I worked on this weekend. It is unbaked so the colors aren't as deep as they will be in the finished piece, but it gives you a pretty good idea of where the piece is going.

Some of the squares are touched with pearl powders so the mosaic will shimmer in the light. The browns and oranges (which will brighten up when baked) are made from my favorite spice inclusion recipes.

Share your Monday Pick-Me-Up
So what made you happy today?


  1. The desk shrine is a brilliant idea and SO my next work project!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished piece too (^∇^)

  2. Love this... gorgeous and inspiring.

    Monday is still in its beginning phases, so I am not sure what will make me happy. I think catching up with NaNoWriMo and having a great rehearsal tonight will do it.

    here is my #aedm2010 check in!

  3. That is really great!! I love that you have those words in your drawer, and turning them into wall art is an idea whose time has come. I actually have a saying that might benefit from the same treatment sometime.

    This particular Monday, a certain Blue Ribbon made me happy! That was so much fun. Have a good Tuesday as well as the rest of the week.

  4. Words are a powerful motivator and I just may have to steal your idea;)I could use some inspiration... Your tiles are just beautiful and I can't wait to see the finish.

  5. What a stunning mosaic. I can't imagine how much time it too for you to make.

  6. What a fantastic reminder...and wonderful little mosaic. Will certainly bring a smile for all who see :)

  7. You know I'm a fan of the desk shrine! I love that yours is a lovely little secret place, just for you.

  8. i love the desk shrines too. makes me wish i had drawers on my computer desk. and i love your project too. the idea of spice inclusions is awesome.

  9. What a great idea...a desk shrine! And I love the way those postive words peek out at your from your desk drawer. Someone can come into your office screaming "I need a pencil dammit!" and as you open the drawer to get out a pencil (which will be lodged in his eye in a minute), you can spy the secret words and smile.

  10. What a beautiful desk shrine and reminder of what is really important! I'm in the process of making a mosaic PC hamsa for a fried who lost her home to a fire and is rebulding and some of the creative ideas in your shrine really resonate with me to use for the hamsa, so I'm really grateful to you for the inspiration you have given me.


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