Monday, July 30, 2012

Ghoulish Finds

Halloween earrings ghoulish witch fingers handcrafted from polymer clay by Marie Young Creative
Ghoulish Handcrafted Earrings

No, there is no nip in the air, but my house feels like fall! I've started my Halloween line, and Lucy is always eager to pitch in wherever she can. In this case, she decided she could add some festiveness to the product shoot.

Check out the whole all creepy witch finger line at

Monday, July 23, 2012

Custom Order - Check!

These are custom fleur-de-lis light switch plate covers by Marie Young Creative
Custom Switch Plate Covers

Another set of custom fleur-de-lis switch plates are on there way to a new home. These ones are going into a kitchen remodel in Minnesota. How exciting!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Retro Pool Fashions

Pool Party Fashion

Inspired by the Pin-up Era

You may naturally turn to Etsy, the online mecca of all things handmade, when you want an unusual piece of jewelry, but have you considered swimsuit shopping there? Creativity abounds in the Etsy world when it comes to pool fashions. I'm particularly drawn to some of the retro designs. Here are a couple that I've added to my wish list.

The Audrey by Fables by Barrie
Fables by Barrie was born on a perfect sunny day in April 2007, created with the goal to bring super stylish, whimsical, and head turning clothing to gals and their greatest friends.

Skipper top and bottoms by Fables by Barrie
Fables by Barrie is designed, developed, and manufactured in San Diego, California USA and takes pride in being American made and most definitely sweatshop free.

Black Hawaii Printed Vintage Style by Janna Drakeed
Janna is a Swedish designer who creates suits by picking the best from every period to create special up-to- date flattering clothes and accessories.

 Pin-up Vintage Inspired Skirted Suit by Miss Fancypants
Miss Fancpants handmakes retro, pinup and vintage inspired underwear, swimwear, activewear and resortwear. All lovingly handmade by Miss Fancypants herself in Newcastle, NSW, Australia from both new and vintage fabrics.

So many choices! So little summer :(

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photography: Preserving the Fruits of Summer

Fruit Photography

Celebrate the taste of summer all year long.

Expect the unexpected in your photo shoot! Who knew Lucy was a fan of peaches?

Each summer, Mother Nature rewards those of us who have survived a long snowy winter with a host of amazing local fruits; raspberries, blackberries, and the lesser known gooseberry. And while we focus on their taste, they are quite incredible in their beauty as oh-so-temporary art objects.  So before you slice, dice, puree, or just pop them in your mouth, why don't you capture that beauty to remember during the colder months.

Tips for Fruit Photography

1. Get close: Use the macro setting and get in close to capture the most detail. Take lots of photos at different angles.
2. Fresh or prepared: Raw fruit is gorgeous, but your favorite recipe may be a work of art too.
3. Lighting: Morning and evening light work well. Indirect light from a window is also good. Bright light will wash out the detail. And remember: no flash!
4. Get it wet: Freshly washed fruits has lots of water beads to catch the light. Mouthwatering!

photo of a wet peach taken in the light of the kitchen skylight about 5 p.m.

Need a little inspiration?

There is a great inspiration gallery at that you might want to check out. This site has seven full pages of clever fruit and vegetable photos by various photographers.

Art from Magazines

If taking photos isn't your thing, you can still have some great fruit photography in your home. These pieces are framed covers from Gourmet magazine. Gourmet has such delicious photos. The oranges and purples in these ones play perfectly against the dreamsicle and lilac color scheme in my dining room and adjoining living room  

Share your summer photos.

Do you have a great example of some tasty fruit photography or other photography that captures the essence of summer?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Psychoanalyze This

Gorgeous Pink Fushia Polymer Necklace by Lisa of HiGirls

Anyone up for a little psychoanalysis?

I adore pink--soft wispy blushing pinks, in-your-face fushias, and every pink pantone color in between. Pink takes up more space in my closet than any other color.  In fact, I'm sitting here typing this post in a comfy bubble gum pink hoodie.

Growing up, carnation pink was my crayon color of choice. Perfect for coloring shoes in my princess coloring books. Yes, usually just the shoes. You can ask my sister about that weird fetish of mine. It left plenty of things for her to color.

I was faithful to "pink" through those years before she became popular--when no grown woman wore pink. Okay, I did go through a phase as a new female manager when I pretended to be "navy corporate," but the weekends belonged to "pink."

Pink makes my heart sing. So why do I so rarely use pink in my art?

Analyze away? 

About the photo: This is a piece by a fellow Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy member, Lisa of HiGirls. She handcrafts each of this bicone bead necklaces in scrumptious candy colors. Of course her pinks are my favorite.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic Storybook Flower Vase

I saved this Crofter's Superfruit Spread jar for more than a year hoping to find the right project for it. I just ADORE the label. Then it finally hit me--the bear on the label needed a polymer playmate.

The Making of a Teddy Bear Picnic Storybook Flower Arrangement
This cute arrangement is really three separate sculptures that can be displayed together or individually.

"Sandy" the cinnamon bear (colored with real cinnamon) sports a gingham blouse created from a polymer clay fabric tutorial by Meg Newberg and some "denim" shorts that I came up with to go with the blouse.

Sandy embraces "Goldilocks," a doll with lots of sweet details: from her golden spiral curls to the lace collar that accents her yellow "cotton" dress.

The vase itself was a labor of love. For this part, I wove strips of clay--lots of them--into a basket pattern and then placed it over the glass jar, leaving that precious label peeking out.

Make It Yours!
The whole set is waiting for the right kitchen table to call home. Interested?  Check out the listing in my shop, YoungCreative on Etsy.

Monthly Challenge (Vote to Win!)
I've entered this piece in the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy monthly challenge: "Extruded." The idea is to find creative ways to use your clay extruder, and this piece fits the bill!

You can vote for your three favorite entries through July 7 and be entered to pick out a great prize from one of the artist shops (including mine!)

More pics of this project in progress:


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