Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Psychoanalyze This

Gorgeous Pink Fushia Polymer Necklace by Lisa of HiGirls

Anyone up for a little psychoanalysis?

I adore pink--soft wispy blushing pinks, in-your-face fushias, and every pink pantone color in between. Pink takes up more space in my closet than any other color.  In fact, I'm sitting here typing this post in a comfy bubble gum pink hoodie.

Growing up, carnation pink was my crayon color of choice. Perfect for coloring shoes in my princess coloring books. Yes, usually just the shoes. You can ask my sister about that weird fetish of mine. It left plenty of things for her to color.

I was faithful to "pink" through those years before she became popular--when no grown woman wore pink. Okay, I did go through a phase as a new female manager when I pretended to be "navy corporate," but the weekends belonged to "pink."

Pink makes my heart sing. So why do I so rarely use pink in my art?

Analyze away? 

About the photo: This is a piece by a fellow Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy member, Lisa of HiGirls. She handcrafts each of this bicone bead necklaces in scrumptious candy colors. Of course her pinks are my favorite.


  1. Oh so nice! I obviously love pink too- although I did discourage my daughter at age 5 from painting her room bublegum pink ;-)

  2. Oh so nice! I obviously love pink too- although I did discourage my daughter at age 5 from painting her room bublegum pink ;-)

  3. I actually know why! LOL, or at least, it's my truth.... :)

    We were pressured by our peers at school not to fall into the "pink" thing, to be tougher than pink seems. Then, the whole sex vs. the other sex thing happened - did we dare speak out about our love for pinks and peaches when we were fighting to get rid of those pink bras??? No, we daren't. So we bought denim blues and greens and browns and blacks and yes, lots of Navy... all the while our hearts quietly yearned for pink bedrooms, pink jackets, pink shoes, pink flowers all around us. Finally, we, as a collective group, got tired of hearing "oh well I would never choose (work with, wear, write with, yada yada yada") and we SPOKE UP! We said, "oh, too bad for you because I LOVE pink!! I've always loved PINK and I'm going to work with it, wear it, write with it and expose my LOVE for PINK". So that's how come you and I both stare lovingly at Lisa's beautiful PINK bicone necklace. LOL and lots of hugs! Jackie

  4. Great insight, Jackie!

    I think along with the feminist side and striving for our equal rights, there is also an element of trying to be a "grown-up." Now that I'm on the other side of 40 that doesn't seem to be as important!

  5. This is interesting to me because I've never had much patience for pink. It just seems so wimpy, incapable, flap-your-arms-helplessly, frilly silly. I remember how I always left the carnation pink crayon aside, along with thistle, used it only for things that *had* to be pink (like fairy gowns) and gravitated toward the "real" colors. Like midnight blue, cornflower blue, and that dreamy blue-green color. Periwinkle was nice, too. And I had a love-hate relationship with sea green. Fuchsia had its moments of glory, though, especially when skimmed over sky blue on the edges of skies.

    Interesting because those are still the colors I'm drawn to. Not that as an adult I haven't had any pink. Wait. Not sure. No...I have a mauve twin set, does that count? Well, maybe I just don't do pink.

    Psychoanalysis? I don't know. Perhaps it relates to how one feels about femininity and female-hood in general. I was always a tomboy. Or maybe like Jackie says (Hi Jackie!), we've been programmed by the feminists and I've not yet awakened to my inner girl. I am starting to open up to some frilly designs and am starting to like the concept of sparkle. So maybe there's hope for me. Until then, I'm leaving all the pink for you guys!

  6. Love the analysis, Ginger! My sister was the "cornflower blue" crayon girl in our family. We joke that her frilly princess pink daughter is really mine!


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