Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding the Doubt Wave

Launching my new creative business has been one giant surge for me. First there was the adrenaline rush of the idea, followed by the flurry of activity that accompanied setting up my online storefront and beginning to promote it.
For morale support, I started participating in artist forums where people have welcomed me with open arms. It was all going so well. I took a moment to slow down and self-reflect.
Then it happened. Doubt crept in.
“What am I doing? I write marketing copy and manage projects for a living. Sure my title, “assistant creative director,” has “creative” in it, but who am I to step into the world of artists. I feel like a big poser.”
I knew starting a business was going to be hard. What I didn’t anticipate were the waves of self-doubt that would wash away my feelings of accomplishment.
Have you ever lived through a doubt wave?
I know the wave all too well. It can take me from a confident, modern career woman on the crest of the wave to an unsteady, tumbling child in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, I have a very patient husband and two wonderfully insightful friends, Stacy and Caroline, who help pull me out of the water if the wave crashes.
Without a strong support system, doubt can be a paralyzing force, but do you know what? Doubt can be a good thing. It pushes me to try harder, to learn new things, and to never be satisfied with the status quo.
How do you ride the doubt wave?


  1. Just remember two things:

    1.) I will always support you.
    2.) It's the wave action that brings the gems from the sea.

  2. Your not alone,that wave crashes into me quite frequently.Last fall I took a 6 night art class that really helped me,to be with other artists.I like that saying about the gems from the sea.

  3. oh yes, i know that doubt wave well! :-) Good for you for knowing you can ride it out and come out the other side. A good support system always helps me too and just knowing that doubt is part of the process and not something i need to heed.

  4. Self Doubt - I have it as soon as I wake up in the morning and then I just say to myself: I can do it! Lots of time is just sheer blind faith in myself to pull it off. Hope this helps! And good luck to your new business. :)

  5. What a really sweet and honest post, Marie! I love what you said. We all feel like "posers" at times, I guess it's normal. I really like being associated with you through PCAGOE and I think your blog is gorgeous. I wish you the very BEST of luck and goodness with your Etsy and all your selling ventures. -Jackie

  6. A friend once said to me... "believe in yourself" and I try to remember those words and other encouraging words that have been given to me when I hit the wave or the wall. Good luck to you and just keep going.


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