Sunday, February 7, 2010

Business Cards: The First Generation

My sister works in a tux shop where she encounters many brides-to-be. Being a supportive baby sis, she asked me if I had any business cards that she could hand out. Well the funny thing is I hadn't printed any cards.

Choosing business cards is a monumental decision. What can you possibly put on that tiny space that sums up everything that you do? I had been procrastinating, but her simple request to help me out gave me a kick in the pants.

So how did I make the monumental decision of what would represent me when I'm not there to represent myself? I didn't. I made the decision to represent what my business is today. I'm a natural planner and a chronic worrier so I found myself getting hung up on all of the "what-ifs."

My biggest "what-if" right now is "What if I branch out beyond wedding cake toppers?". How do you put that on a card? "I sell wedding cake toppers and maybe some other stuff." Finally I realized that my lack of a solid plan is really holding up my forward progress.

After much angst, I decided to be present in this moment, the one where my store only offers wedding cake toppers. Yet to keep myself open for the future, I printed only a small quantity. That way I fill today's need and allow myself room to grow creatively.


  1. Oh Marie, your predicament made me laugh - but I know just what you mean! I think you made a great decision here. Now, can you help me with mine? Am I a caner, or do I cover pens & keyrings and make interesting vases? Therein lies the question... lol.

    Best of luck with getting orders, how nice that your sister works at a tux shop. Your work is so cute that they will be lucky to connect with you.

  2. Well Jackie I think you are a caner if you are talking to those who are in the know when it comes to polymer clay. To other people you probably cover pens etc. Very beautifully, I might add.

  3. The cards came out great!! Love the design and colors :)

  4. Marie - just do what so many other guildies do - have multiple shops! Gather your like items together and then have a business card for each shop so you can give it to people specifically interested in that one thing. Then do another card that lists all the things you do - like a personal calling card kinda thing....Did I make any sense just now? I hope so.

  5. I hear ya Marie. As you know, I am struggling with the exact same thing. Since I've come up with a name, all of my previous designs don't make sense. I do like Vixenjewels's idea. Your cards look great. Clean, simple, and elegant.

  6. Your business cards look great! You are going to be very busy making beautiful wedding cake toppers!!!

  7. Like Stacy, I think Vixenjewels has the right idea. I wear a couple of hats, too as do most creative people (genius is multi-faceted) so a card for each of your creative endeavours makes good business sense. These are lovely! Where did you have them made?

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  9. It looks very lovely. I often prefer unique designs than the very usual thing. Thats why I got my business card designed and printed from Business Card Ninjas.


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