Saturday, April 10, 2010

Magnolia Polymer Clay Cupcake Topper

magnolia cake topper

Surprise Bridal Shower
Earlier this week, I was charged with baking a cake for my friend Caroline’s surprise bridal shower. I decided to do cupcakes because that way I could leave a couple at home for my husband to enjoy. People seem to frown upon me removing a slice of cake ahead of time.

Making Cupcakes Classy
To make the plain white cupcakes “more classy” I sprinkled the top with granular sugar to make them sparkle and placed them on my tiered glass serving plate. I wanted to do something special to decorate the top, and I had a pretty good idea of Caroline’s taste because we are working together to design her wedding cake topper.

Southern Inclinations
Caroline is from New Orleans and even though she is living in Pennsylvania now her heart is very much still there. She has been going back and forth between favoring a fleur-de-lis topper or something with magnolias. I’ve never done anything with a magnolia so I chose to do a small magnolia so I could practice.

The Technique
I started with a block of Fimo 014 Transparent White. It is my favorite transparent because it bakes to a white that reminds me of frosted glass. I made each petal by rolling and shaping them with my hands. I attached them to a center stamen created from a yellow/transparent clay mix. The leaves are a green/black mix coated with Liquid Sculpey. After I baked it I coated the whole thing with a coat of Sculpey Satin Glaze to bring out the glass-like quality of the translucent clay.

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  1. It looks like candy! I just love your work.

  2. Marie, Your sparkling cupcakes with the perfect magnolia accent piece are lovely and beautifully displayed. I'll bet they were much appreciated and enjoyed. I think your husband is very lucky to have such a thoughtful wife. Bet he enjoyed HIS, too. Can't wait to see Caroline's cake topper. Hope she chooses MAGNOLIAS! After reading your comment of the frosted glass aspect of Fimo 014 Trans white I think I'll add a package of that to my clay order and try some. Thanks for the idea!


Ooh,a comment! How delightful.


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