Sunday, June 6, 2010

Alcohol Inks in Polymer Clay

Quick Technique: Tinting Translucent Clay with Alcohol Inks

I love the frosty look that I get with translucent clay, but I also want bright happy colors. Unfortunately I can only add a small amount of colored clay before I begin to lose the translucent quality. That means everything comes out on the pastel side. That's why I decided to experiment with alcohol inks.

Making Floral Earrings
Step 1
I added a couple drops of Adirondack Alcohol Inks "Nature Walk" set to Fimo 014 Transparent polymer clay. I mixed it thoroughly, much like food coloring in cookie dough. Then I formed the beads, baked them, and let them cool.

Step 2
I lightly sanded the cooled beads. before adding some alcohol ink to a cotton swab and brushing it on to brighten the color.

Step 3
I hand-sculpted the flowers and pressed them onto the beads and then I rebaked them to set the flowers.

Step 4
Once the finished beads with flowers cooled, I coated them with Sculpey Satin Glaze. When that dried I connected everything on a vine of loose spirals created from 20 gauge silver-plated wire.

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  1. Those look great, Marie!!! Very pretty!


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