Monday, November 15, 2010

Creative Window Shopping

Monday Pick-Me-Up: Creative Window Shopping
Etsy, the e-destination for all things handmade and vintage, allows both shoppers and sellers to create Treasuries, curated lists of some of their favorite finds. As a seller it is a big thrill to find you've been included in one, but I just discovered that making them can be fun too.

Olive and Wine PCAGOE Wishlist

Creative Selections
You can build a treasury around whatever your imagination can dream up. I created "Olive and Wine PCAGOE Wishlist"  to promote members of the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. I searched our members stores for items in the wine and olive color scheme. Then I arranged the pieces to try to bring some balance to the design. 

Friends or Strangers
Sometimes you're lucky enough to be featured in a "stranger's treasury." You get in a stranger's treasury when your item tags match the theme someone is creating.  "For the Love of Handbags" is a treasury I created by searching for images of woman and purses.

For the Love of Handbags
Mosey on over to Esty
If your Monday is off to a dreary start, may I suggest a visit to Esty treasury land. You can spend some time pursuing some inspiring collections, or if you are feeling ambitious, you can create your own.


  1. I sure don't need another fun technical toy, but I'm sure I'll try this anyway. I love the one you've created!

  2. Didnt know about these treasuries! Love the idea. On my way to visit treasureland

  3. I love treasuries! I finally got my shop on Etsy open so this might be one of my next things to try.

  4. I try to stray far away from Etsy so I dont go broke xD I love creative gifts! Ive gotten a lot of jewelry and homemade make-up from there. Thanks for stopping by!


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