Friday, November 19, 2010

Finding Beauty in Tub Hair

Cleaning Chore or Art?

The Art of Tub Hair
My friend Stacy sees beauty in almost everything. Even tub hair. "Tub hair?" you ask. Yes, hair that accumulates in the tub when you take a shower. Stacy gathers stray hairs that fall out during her shower and sticks them to the shower wall until she is ready to get out of the shower.

"Yuck!" you say. Well, I’m ashamed to admit that’s what I said when she started to tell me about how she sees art in her stray strands of hair. Who sees art in that? Well Stacy does. She sees possibilities where the rest of us see yuck.

Stacy has transformed a cleaning chore into a creative outlet. Want to see more? Check out her store, Pandora's Gallery, or visit her blog, Pandora's Compass, for additional doses of creative inspiration.

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  1. Never in a million years would I think of doing that possibly because I've had such short short hair for so long and there is nothing gathered in the drain, but it's great she can see beauty in those sorts of things. Going to check out her shop and blog now, thanks for the link.

  2. ok, this is simply marvelous - love it

  3. When I first learned of Stacy's incredible source of inspiration, I was amazed. I love her images and it just goes to show that creativity can be born from anything! Also, yesterday I noticed a clump of my own long hair hanging on the side of the tub and!

  4. Well......... that's interesting. :) Quite creative and colorful. Yesterday, I ran across a video of someone painting a huge portrait with the grease from one large order of McDonald's french fries. Very well, too, I might add.

    Just proves that art is everywhere. :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog!


  5. Thank you so much Marie!!! I am completely honored to be featured in your blog. You have been such an inspiring friend.
    And I'll add talented to boot :-)

    Again, thank you so much.

    And thanks to everyone who left such nice comments. It definitely helps to feel some positive energy toward your art, especially when you are doing something a little "out there." :-)


  6. Yeah, I'm real squeamish about the tub hair; I don't think I could make art with it:) But I think it's great when someone can find beauty in odd places!

  7. I am almost more afraid of tub hair than I am of snakes and spiders. I cannot handle tub hair. And there it is. On a shirt. They actually made me shiver.


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