Friday, November 12, 2010

For the Love of Sunshine

My Studio Space
My husband built me this beautiful (and functional!) studio space in our basement. It has a great work space and a quiet corner with a comfy chair, but I find myself gathering up supplies and hauling them upstairs. I sit on the couch and condition clay. I sculpt pieces standing at the kitchen island. And I ask myself, "Why aren't you in the studio?"

Part of the answer to why I keep moving upstairs is that I like to be on the same floor with my husband. I feel isolated in the basement, but the other reason is simply that I miss the sunshine. Upstairs the light pours in though skylights and a french door. Alas, my studio is too dark.

Do any of you have tips on how to make a basement space more artist-friendly?


  1. I went the other way round. I had a studio in the attic and kept coming down. :D We love our familes and want to be part of them! *heart*

  2. Perhaps you could get some of those sunlamps? I also like to have podcasts playing in my studio space to make it feel more lively. :-)

  3. Sunlamps, great idea! I have been pricing them. It is probably a good investment.

  4. Am afraid I don't have much to offer in the suggestion department, but just HAD to say I totally love the top pic with the kitty behind the crafting desk :-) <3 cats! Ours always come and "help" as well..

  5. I am the same way. Even though my studio is the spare bedroom. (Of course my soldering torch and heavy equipment is in the garage). I like to be in the center of things, which is usually in the living room, or kitchen, or spread out on the dining room table! I have tried to keep myself in the 'studio', but it just doesn't motivate me like I wish it did. I like company, maybe if I put a tv in there, even if to play old movies or something, (I can hardly stand any daytime tv anymore especially the news).

    So with you being in the basement, I really understand. I think you need the sunshine and the light. It is such a nice organized spot though that your husband built. They do have those special light bulbs that mimic the health of the suns rays. I believe they are blue in color, but the light is like sunlight. Maybe that a tv, something with sound. I have seen pictures on the wall that look like a window and have alight behind them and if you didn't know it wasn't real, you really wouldn't know.

    Hope this helps a bit. I don't think it is bad though that you do your work the way you are doing it. You have all your supplies organized and stored in a neat out of the way place (basement) and you can work WHERE EVER YOU FEEL BEST!!! You know what, forget the special lamps and tv, and just work where you are inspired!!
    xoxo Sandy


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