Monday, November 22, 2010

Paper Angel

Paper Angel, Mixed Media (polymer clay and paper)

Monday Pick-Me-Up

Do you know what makes me happy? Contests where everyone is a winner, free stuff, and vintage images. Do you know where I can get all three? At Dezinaworld.

June, the creator of Dezinaworld is hosting an "Everyone Wins a Prize Contest" Here's the gist:

1. Create a physical papercraft (no digital work) using one of a Dezinaworld collage sheets. She even has free sheets!

2. Follow her blog and add your project post to the contest post by Dec. 4.

The top 12 entries will be featured on her site. Check out her contest post for more details as well as images.

My Entry
I combined paper and polymer clay for a "paper-plus" entry. The angel is from June's "Little Ones" sheet. I cut out the angel and then applied it to unbaked polymer clay using a liquid polymer "glue." You have to make sure it is well adhered or you get air bubbles. Then I added more liquid polymer to the front side of the paper angel "decoupage" style. I glued the baked clay piece to a card-stock matte and framed the piece to finish it off.

Ideally I should use an image transfer technique to get the image onto the clay, but I don't have the right kind of copier for this. Besides this is a papercraft challenge so I wanted to be sure I included some paper.

Good luck with your entries, but you really won't need luck because everyone wins!

A True Image Transfer Master
If you want to see some work by a truly gifted image transfer artist visit Lynda at Diva Designs. This is one of the ornaments in her "Victorian Romance" themed holiday ornament and jewelry collection.

Vintage Victorian Angel and Cherub Ornament with Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal

By Diva Designs


  1. I'm with B! Beautiful! and the wings are fab! Are they polymer too? Such a wonderful piece :)

  2. Thank you both. Yes, the wings are polymer. I have a flat wing mold that I trimmed some sections from and then shaped the pieces by hand to get the depth.

  3. Hi Marie, Oh you are so good with the polymer clay, i must get more into that and try some things. Your piece is gorgeous and the wings are perfect.Thanks for a lovely write up and for entering the prize challenge.
    Big Hugs June xxxxx

  4. Wow, Marie! Thank you so much for featuring my image transfer ornament. I just love your blog (I voted for it!). I'm honored to be included.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. Gorgeous! Looks like a lot of fun. I might have to check her site out.

  6. Cool! Marie, Thanks for the link and info about the contest... I may try to join in on the fun (if I find the time...) ;)
    Cute idea with the polymer wings for your angel. I too don't have the right printer to do the image transfer... maybe someday... Lynda is definitely a master with the transfer, and much admired for her work.


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