Monday, May 23, 2011

Investing in Happiness

Nothing but the best for my birds!

Jenny Hopple of Authentic Living had a good post last week about "How to Afford to Buy Handmade on a Shoestring."

In it she wrote, "The key to being able to afford to buy handmade on a shoestring budget is looking close and hard at what you'd be willing to do without or to do with less of in order to be able to buy more amazing handmade goods."She followed up by giving some examples of the tradeoffs she chose to make in order to buy things she loves.

It is very true that by altering our spending habits, we can invest in things that make us happy. I think it is equally important that we celebrate the great choices that we make.

Far too often I focus on what I don't have: a summer cottage on the lake, anything in a Tiffany box, a little red Corvette; all the while discounting the things that I chose to bring into my life. Don't those things deserve my attention far more than any perceived lack?

I find some of my best "happiness investments" aren't big ticket items. Something as simple as a higher-end birdseed can bring me countless hours of joy.

My husband talked me into buying a premium songbird blend. It seemed like an extravagant expense. The cheap stuff went a long way, but it spouted around the base of the feeder, creating a weeding chore for me. I guess he got tired of me complaining about it.

The premium songbird feed was marketed as "no waste" and they aren't kidding. No filler seeds are spouting from this blend. The birds gobble up every last morsel. And my bird buffet participants have increased to include bluejays, cardinals, and woodpeckers. In fact, one of  "my" bluejays is munching on his premium chow right now.

I didn't buy expensive birdseed. I bought myself (and my indoor cats) some happiness.


  1. fine maybe i too should invest in better birdseed... they used to come but it seems they are bored with the cheap brand =/

  2. Yes, Adriana they do like the premium better. Mine get upset when the feeder is empty.


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