Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blues to beat the blues

"Blues to beat the blues"

I have an odd relationship with the color blue. Growing up "blue" belonged to my sister. It was her favorite color. I was more of a pink girl. (I'm giggling as I write this because at this moment I'm wrapped in a pink Hello Kitty throw. Even at 41 the little girl is still in there!)

When my brother came along, blue also belonged to him, along with all of the other little boys around the world. Blue also belonged to summer. Cool water and sunny skies. Yet it wasn't until I started college at Penn State that blue finally started to become mine, although I managed to find a couple of pink Nittany Lion t-shirts.

Years after graduation, I got a job at the university and my relationship with blue began to shift. At first working at my alma mater filled me with a sense of pride. Yet as I approached the 10-year mark I found the sight of something blue would fill me with stress. So I moved on.

As I was catching up on my blog reading, I noticed that the theme for July at Creative Every Day is "blue." Seems like the universe would like me to take another look at my relationship with blue. It is time to see blue through a more balanced lens.

I put together an Etsy treasury of blue items, "Blues to beat the blues," by fellow members of the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy to get me in the mood to prep for a month of blue inspiration.


  1. Remember - the TARDIS is blue.

  2. Very interesting blog post, Marie, it's funny the way colors tend to "interact" with us! The Treasury is great looking.

  3. I've always been the opposite. I find blue a soothing color... but pink I don't know what to do with. My youngest daughter LOVES princesses, ballerinas and since she is only three that means she loves pink. I never really know where I stand with all that. I think pink is pretty, but I'm uncomfortable with all the frilly girly-ness that tends to go along with it.


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