Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two-toned Fleur-de-lis Pendant

Black and Gold Fleur-de-lis Pendant
Here is one of my recent experiments: using two colors of polymer clay for the base of a piece. I roll out the two colors clay and slice one side of each to give me a clean edge. I piece the two edged together and gently join the seams by rolling the pieces together.

Once the seams are fused, I stamp the image as close to centered over the seam as I can get it. Clear stamps are easier to line up. Solid wood stamps take more practice.

In the example I created a black and gold fleur-de-lis pendant using this technique. It is available for sale at:


  1. That is a great pendant ~ very creative ~ I have done earring of polymer in the past ~ haven't done any recently ~ Great job!

  2. Beautiful! Love the look of the two colors.

  3. Lovely, I love the blend of colours. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Em xx

  4. Very successful and appealing pendant!I like the bi-color base idea.

  5. What a beautiful pendant,the colors are so rich.For the wood stamps,i have seen where they take the stamp off the wood and attach to the clear block for better allignment.Now that i just remembered that i think i'll try it myself,i stamp alot on paper.Can i ask how you got the copper color on the Fleur-de-lis?

  6. Thanks everyone! Great tip on the wooden stamp, Tammy.

    For the copper color I started with gold Premo Sculpey marbled with a little black. After it was baked I added "Copper" and "Carmel" Adirondack inks with cotton swabs. I took another cotton swab with blending solution to lighten it up anywhere that it got too dark.


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