Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspiring a Hamsa

Jeweled Mosaic Hamsa polymer clay + beading by Melody O'Beau Designs

The thing I love most about blogging is how it can connect you to people you would otherwise never meet. Anita of Melody O'Beau designs is one of those people. We have chatted off and on over the past year or so. I find such inspiration in her work, so I was extremely flattered that she found inspiration for her Hamsa (pictured above) in post that I wrote about my desk shrine.

She created the Hamsa as a housewarming present for a dear friend whose home burned down. This one replaces her hamsa/"Hand of Fatima" that was lost in the fire. You can read about it how Anita incorporated loving touches of her friend's new home in this piece on her blog:


  1. Marie, Thank you so much for featuring the Hamsa I made for my friend! I get a great deal of inspiration of many types at your site, artistic, spiritual and philosophical, so I am especially flattered to know that we inspire EACH OTHER! Blogging sure IS such an amazing way to connect with individual people who are a country or a world apart.

  2. I love the idea of a desk shrine. I have some special objects on the top of a shelf in my studio--but actually, I think it is a shrine. And your connection with Melobeau and her wonderful gift is really cool.


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