Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Exploration of Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane Fan Collection

Sometimes all you need to kick start creativity is a new tool. In my case it was a stamp sheet that my Mom and sister found at a yard sale. It is a deep stamp with squares of random patterns including a fan-shape.

The technique
When I shared my first exploration of the mokume gane technique, it was the random approach where you stack thin sheets of different colors of clay together and poke holes that are filled with another color to create random patterns when the stack is sliced.

This time I stacked the thin sheets and then pressed the stamp into the stack. I then sliced away the top layer to reveal the fan pattern below. I loved the effect and the fact that each one came out a little different. It became a study of shape and color for me. The color palettes gave each piece a different stylistic feel: Victorian, art nouveau, Miami deco, Asian. 

Aquamarine Art Deco Fan Brooch available at Young Creative

Victorian Scallop Pendant available at Young Creative
Art Nouveau Fan Brooch in Pink  available at Young Creative

Vote for a chance to win
The pink one is my entry in the PCAGOE September Challenge: Pink. To vote in the challenge, visit by Sept. 7. You could win an original polymer clay creation just for voting.


  1. I love mokume gane and your fan jewelry design, beading and wire work are delightful.

  2. Thanks Marlene, I checked out your blog. It is fabulous! Love all the free tutorials. So much inspiration in one place.


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