Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zombie Felties infect polymer

I absolutely love the projects in the book Zombie Felties. I picked it up even though I don't sew because I could easily see these grotesque cuties infecting my polymer stash.

Books and magazines are a great source of inspiration as well as a terrific way to learn new techniques.The challenge is to use the inspiration to create something that is not just a copy of another artist's vision. You see the copycat syndrome over and over again. A new book comes out and suddenly Etsy is filled with exact replicas of the featured projects. One way to move beyond the copycat syndrome is to translate the idea into a new medium.

Here are my first attempts at translating the felt patterns into cute little Halloween polymer pins. Now that I am getting the hang of creating them, I'd like to start experimenting with new designs. Since these pins are prototypes I'm offering them for only $5 each at Young Creative.

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