Saturday, November 26, 2011

Art Deco Christmas Ornament Series

Art Deco Snowflake Collection

I adore art deco__such a delicious style! When I read about a wax impression technique that you could use to transfer patterns to polymer clay in the latest issue of The Polymer Arts, I knew it would be the perfect technique to create some deco delights for decking the halls.

Following Sage's instructions I carved a series of deco diamonds into a wax block to form a stamp. Then I cut out the individual diamonds and pieced them together to create the Art Deco snowflake pattern for the backdrop of my latest Christmas Ornament series. They are available now at Young Creative, but hurry they won't last long!

Art Deco Snowflake on Silver Background

Snowman Ball

Art Deco Snowflake


  1. Wow Marie, that's great! you're so good. I just got my magazine a few days ago, it's a really good one this time, Sage outdid herself. These ornaments you did are amazing.


Ooh,a comment! How delightful.


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