Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sharing the Fun

Cake by Annette

I wrote a post last year about the Star Wars cake that my husband and I made for my niece and nephew. The post included instructions on how to make the cake. This week I had two people send me photos of their versions of my cake.  They are so cute that I had to share!

 The first two photos show the cake that Annette made for her grandson. She also had lovely writing on the right side of the cake, but I blurred it to maintain his privacy. Here is what she said about it, "I really wanted to have the volcano "erupt" but could only come up with sparklers for it and then gave that idea up as the kids were too close to be safe when lit." You have admire to the creative wheels turning in her head! 

The last photo is from Ali. I love the rhythmic pattern she has achieved in the chocolate. She also expanded the "battle field" to be able to feed a lot more people.  Here is what Ali said about her cake, "After looking at hundreds of Star Wars cakes online, my 6-year-old son asked me to make his birthday cake like yours. I just now finished it at 1:30 am (it's the second birthday cake I've made in one day - he has a twin sister!), and I'm really proud of how it turned out. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I used red velvet cake, fudge icing and white icing died orange and covered in Wilton's cake sparkles for the lava. I stacked one round on top of a large sheet cake and cut another round up into smaller rounds and arranged them to make the lava mountain!"

Great job to both of you! and thank you for sharing them! Here is the link to the original post if you want the instruction to try your own version.

View 2 cake by Annette
Cake by Ali

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