Saturday, May 5, 2012

Custom Order Fleur-ry

Custom Light Switch Plates
I've been working hard this past week on a custom order of light switch plates. These fleur-de-lis plates will be finding their way to Louisiana. I can't think of a more fitting home for them! It was a particularly fun order because I got to see how a design I originally did for a single plate translated doubles, triples, and rocker switches.


  1. These are perfectly lovely and how cool that they're going to Louisiana. Neat that the different styles of plates all worked out together so well. Bet your customer is going to be thrilled.

  2. Awesome! I love fleur-de-lis. My grandmother was from Louisiana, and Cajun, descended from the Acadians who were expelled from Nova Scotia.

  3. I think my comment vanished. so I'll say it again, these are beautiful.

  4. Thank you both. I love working with fleurs!


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