Saturday, October 6, 2012

Small Scale Letter Stamping

As writer I'm used having my name attached to my work, but for some reason it seems more natural for me to "sign" my writing than my art.

The lettering from my new stamp is only 1-inch across!

The last time I signed my creative work was in my high school art class. Part of my apprehension is the fact that I hate my handwriting. I don't want to ruin a perfectly fine piece with a messy signature. Well that won't be an issue with my new signature stamp by Jet Stamp.

I read about these amazingly detailed, yet tiny stamps in the last issue of The Polymer Arts magazine. Sage Bray gave them a great review for use with polymer clay. They also work for ceramic artists.

I had already been playing around with a graphic treatment for my shop name so this seemed like a great way to execute on the idea. I sent my sample Jet Stamps and they helped me fashion it into a 1-inch stamp. I've already incorporated my new stamped "logo" into the graphics for this Creative Sprinkle blog, my YoungCreative facebook page, and my YoungCreative Etsy shop.

To use the stamp:
1. Stamp into the raw clay.
2. Bake the clay.
3. Highlight the words by adding paint to the baked design and wiping any excess so the paint is only left in lettering.

I love it for my signature logo, but it would work great to create word or saying stamps in a small scale that you may not be able to find commercially.  Visit Jet to check out the option.


  1. I love this stamp of yours! It's perfect with your name & business name combined. :)

  2. LOVE your stamp design and it looks beautiful on your pieces. Thanks for letting us know about Jet Stamp.

  3. Really great resource, Marie. Thanks for sharing. I now HAVE to have one. So I need to be thinking of what I can use for a mark. Decisions, decisions....


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