Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peacock Light Switch Cover

Peacock Light Switch Plate Cover
Peacock Light Switch Plate Cover

Today kicks off two great things for me:

1. The start of Art Every Day Month
2. The first day of voting in the Polymer Artists Guild of Etsy's November Challenge

So I offer up to you my creative endeavor to celebrate both, a peacock-themed gold light switch plate cover.

The theme for the PCAGOE challenge this month is Asian-inspired. It is a theme that I could have taken in so many directions, but I love antique Japanese screen paintings so I decided to use that as my springboard.

One of my favorite memories from my art history grad school days at the University of Maryland was a "field trip" my classmates and I took to our professor's home. We drank sake in front of his gorgeous screen collection. I can't claim that this piece is in that same league artistically, but that's my inspiration none the less.

The textured gold clay serves as the canvas highlighted with peacock-colored mica powders. The frame is created from hand-cut strips of a bronze-colored polymer that I shaped on the plate. No molds, no paints.

Vote and win:
Public voting is open through November 7. Vote and you could win a mini-shopping spree in one of our stores. Vote here:


  1. That is a very cool light switch plate!

  2. Hey! We both did peacock themed items today, how cool is that? Here's to the start of a great month!

  3. Love you take on puppy with a jet pack for Halloween, Missy! And Ginger-great Batik around the peacock feather. That is unexpected!


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