Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trial, error, and progress

Snow Baby: Take 3

Day 17 Art Every Day Month:Trail and Error...and Progress

Good news on the Oompa Loompa snow baby front. I followed some advice I got when I first joined the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy:

"If you don't love it before you bake something, you won't love it after."

Well, I loved this weird little thing too much to smoosh it, but not enough to bake it.

Snow Baby: Take 2

 So I kept experimenting. I started shaping and carving until I got the more slender version at the top of the post. I'm starting to like where this is going. In fact, this iteration is leading to innovation. Wait until you see "Try 4"!


  1. Great process photo- I kind of thought the first one was in a shape of a star on purpose.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Leah. You blog is so friendly! Love the stories about your family.I feel like I almost know you from your writing.

      I started out with the idea of the star shape being very prominent, but sometimes ideas look way better in my head than they do in reality. LOL
      Maybe down the road I'll figure out how to make the star idea work.

  2. Oh so much better! I didn't want to say anything but Rob was onto something about the first one. Aaand...the second one. And I think putting eyes on him was a plus, too. I rather like #3. I wonder what #4 will be?

    1. #4 has one more baking step and then I will be ready to unveil!

  3. There's a similar caution with mosaic, that if you don't like the shape of what you are covering, it won't look any better with mosaic on it!

    1. Interesting point! I would have thought you could cover up imperfections at the mosaic stage, but it makes sense that the foundation has to be right for the end product to turn out.


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