Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Create, Create, Create

Ah, a new year -- that time of psychological fresh starts. Who am I to fight against the tides of goals and resolutions?

Actually, I'm feeling pretty good about my path right now. If you remember January 2012, I outlined my BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals). Since BHAGS are by nature BIG, you don't achieve them in one year. I look at it as more of a 5-year plan. To recap, here is my BHAG:
"To live a creative, joyful, spiritual life as an artist and a writer"
I'm happy to say that I've taken some solid steps toward my BHAG in 2012. In 2013 I'll continue implementing practical, tactical goals like starting a newsletter, thanks to the advice of Alyson Stanfield of Art Biz Blog, but my big focus this year will be on creation.

So for 2013 it is Create, Create, Create!

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  1. I'm struggling with this right now. I can't seem to find/take the time to actually sit down and contemplate the goals. Maybe too scared to even think about it? And then I wonder if voicing a goal actually does anything? Does it help reach it? I mean, yes, I know that you have to have a goal to reach a goal. But is having a formal goal process any different than the normal list of "things I want to do" that grows all the time? I'm not trying to be naysayer here. I just wonder if it helps or ends up creating a heavy cloud over your head, taunting you? How did having a BHAG last year affect you? Was it motivating?

    1. Good thoughts, Ginger! To answer your question, I did find my BHAG motivating because it actually helped me trim down the "things I want to do list." I had so many possibilities in my head that I got stuck trying to decide which thing to do. I can do lots of things to move forward as an artist. The BHAG helps me to remember to focus on "creative, spirirual, and joyful" ways.

      But to play devil's advocate to my own BHAG, sometimes you just need to follow your muse and not try to organize it to death :)

  2. The fact that you have been living and thriving in 2012 with your goal to attain a "creative, joyful, spiritual life as an artist and a writer" has definitely also rubbed off on me. I think that your positive and sweetest outlook is wonderful, love it! Thanks for being so uplifting - I'm looking forward to basking in the warmth of that attitude for 2013, too. :)

    1. Thanks, Jackie! I don't always feel positive, but I try not to give negativity too much of a foothold by writing about it. So if you see my blog go quiet for a while, it is probably because I'm stressed. I have to wait for my happy muse to kick in before I feel like writing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Marie! I resonate with your BHAGS! A reader introduced to me to "one little word" where you choose one word for the year as a kind of a guide, so between percolating on that and creating some BHAGS, I have some inspiration for the future.

    1. I like the one word concept too! So my word this year is "Create." I want to remember to focus on "creating" works not simply "producing" works.

      Whether it is a goal, a single, word, or a BHAG, they all help bring focus to the spider web of ideas that we have clutter up our brains.


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