Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aqua Color Palette

Art Deco aqua switch plate cover
Art Deco Aqua Switch Plate Cover

There is something about aqua that makes my heart sing! It can feel wonderfully vintage or fresh and modern.

In the top switch plate, I paired a simple translucent aqua inlay with a faux black mother-of-pearl background. My grandmother had the most amazing jewelry box made from black mother-of-pearl. I thought of it immediately when I sliced into the mokume gane clay sheet and revealed the scalloped design.

The bottom plate is a more modern geometric take where I added a few orange and blue inlay pieces in an asymmetrical pattern.

Both are available at:

geometric switch plate
Modern Geometric Switch Plate Cover


  1. These switch plates are SO elegant and lovely! The aqua is a beautiful color and brings to mind spring skies and the water of Australian lagoons. The faux mother of pearl work REALLY well and I love that it brought your grandmother's mother of pearl jewelry box to mind. These are little miniature works of Art.

  2. Wow, girl, you've taken it to new levels. :) I love these, the art deco look is totally cool. Great colors.

  3. Thank you, both! These ones are so my taste. It is nice to hear that they have broader appeal.

  4. That mother of pearl effect is awesome! And great with the aqua!

  5. These are gorgeous Marie, love the MOP effect!


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