Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Faux Granite Easter Egg

Faux Granite Easter Egg
When I wrote about this project last week in my post Faux techniques in polymer, I promised you a few tips on creating your own faux granite. Well here they are:

1. Create the polymer "granite" base layer. I've made some cool stone effects with tinted translucent clay and pepper flake inclusions, but in this I simply opened a packet of Premo Sculpey Granite and blended in a small amount of pearl and translucent premo to give it a nice soft feel.

2. After I covered the entire egg with the base polymer, I added accents with a flat extruded rope.

3. Add a stippled texture to the raw clay with a stiff wire brush. I also added a few "cracks" with a pointed sculpting tool.

4. Bake the granite layer.

5. Add depth to the granite layer with acrylic paint. Brush black or dark umber paint onto small sections making sure to get it into the crevices. Wipe it away immediately with a damp cloth leaving only a small amount in the recessed areas.

6. I finished the project off by adding a flowered vine and rebaking the egg.

Of course if you like this project, but don't feel like making your own, this one is for sale:

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  1. I love this egg! You did a great job with it. :)


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