Sunday, November 1, 2009

Family Recipe Scrapbook

November 1 is here—ushering in my first foray into the Art Every Day challenge. My big project for the month is creating a recipe scrapbook for my mom’s Christmas present.

Oh don’t worry. She won’t see this. She isn’t interested in anything that happens in cyberspace.

My mom is my biggest creative inspiration. She brought my sister and me into the world of crafting at an early age. She also finds great creativity in cooking, so I thought a recipe scrapbook would be the perfect way to thank her for opening up a world of creative expression.

Starting the recipe scrapbook project
I’ve taken photos of china that I inherited from my great-grandma and my grandma. I’ve also gathered up old photos and recipes. Next step is to figure out how it will all go together.

The photo above is a mock layout of what I think the final page design may look like. I’m going to print out the pieces and layer them on acid-free linen paper. I may even add some mixed media elements.

Please share any ideas or samples that might give me some inspiration. And wish me luck. The count down to Christmas has begun.


  1. Dear Marie,

    That is such a kind and beautiful thing to do, especially linking it with your mums favourite passion. I am sure she will appreciate this gift imensely. :) You are a delight!

    Happy Art Every Day.

  2. What a great idea!! I'm sure your mom will adore this!

  3. Thank you Ana for your kind words. I have enjoyed reading your posts. The one on Global Grace Day is especially thought-provoking. I will have it in my heart on Monday.

  4. Leah, Thank you so much for encouraging artists and dabblers like myself to create just for the love of it. The idea of perfection has held me back for too long. Creativity is a gift, yet it is also a learned process. I need to grow my creativity, not hold it until I can create something that is perfect.


Ooh,a comment! How delightful.


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