Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clay Inclusion Jewelry

I finally finished some jewelry pieces using the clay inclusion technique I wrote about earlier. In the first one I used a base of translucent clay with a hint of black combined with ground pepper. The delicate pink flowers, inspired by Japanese cherry blossom imagery, are also created from translucent clay finished to have a frosted glass appearance.

For the second one I used a combination of cinnamon and nutmeg in the base to simulate stone. The vibrant color in the marigold flower petals comes from a red pepper, paprika blend toned down with some of the cinnamon/nutmeg blend. I added a touch of red clay for the darker petals.

I'm so happy with how they turned out that I decided that these two pendants would be the first pieces of jewelry I offer in my store.

Cherry Blossom Polymer Clay Pendant
Spicy Clay Polymer Clay Pendant


  1. I really enjoy the orange flowered piece. Good show, Marie. I haven't tried using spices for inclusions. I am kinda surprised you got such a vibrant orange with them. Very cool.

  2. Those turned out really nice,very unique.I like the orange too,it looks like hard candy,but I'm sure it's non edible.I like how their so smooth and shiney.

  3. I just purchased an OM symbol necklace from Marie that uses this method. The background has nutmeg and cinnamon added and the OM symbol has paprika (very pretty for second chakra and self-proclaimed spicy women ;-) ). It is so earthy and beautiful and I can still smell the nutmeg and a little cinnamon. If I had a working digital camera, I'd upload a photo. Maybe Marie can take one Monday, I'll be wearing it :-)
    I also want to say, these actual pieces are so pretty in person. You can really appreciate the translucence with the organic material so much better. They are visually textural as well as dimensional. I guess the real beauty of these pieces is that they engage three of the five senses. Sight, touch, and smell. Now if you can add some bells and make them edible, they'd be perfect ;-)

  4. These are really nice Marie! I love the ribbon... really adds a beautiful touch :)

    MaryL :)

  5. I'm thinking I need to have you make me something representative of Liz's Garden Aromatherapy....

  6. Thanks for the support everyone. I am really excited about this!

  7. Hi Marie, Thank you for your comments on my blog. My interview actually went really well. Hold thumbs I get the job : )
    Your jewelry pieces are beautiful

  8. Absolutely gorgeous pendants. Love the glass-like translucent colours and your use of ribbon. Makes me think of spring. You reminded me of the beauty of inclusions and today I started raiding my spice shelf.


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