Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finding Beauty in My Failures

My Bowl of Failures

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way I picture them.

Once in a while, a project morphs into something better than I could have imagined, but more often than not these things turn into unsalvageable failures. All I can do is absorb the lesson and move on.

What I can’t seem to do is throw my failures away. Weird I know, but I keep tossing them into a small glass bowl. Most days this action fills me with a sense of desperation that I may never get it right. The bowl is like a constant reminder of what I need to fix, what I need to improve.

Yet not today. Today as I prepared to toss another item in, I looked at my bowl of failures. Today the bowl seemed beautiful enough to photograph.


  1. Dig that stuff out of the discard bowl! Looks like some great things in there. The pendent on top is so pretty.

  2. Your discards look pretty nice,most of the time I throw mine away they look pretty bad.

  3. BRAVA to you for seeing the beauty in your treasure trove bowl. Sort of a tribute to all the learning going on in the journey....a badge of honour, so to speak.

  4. I love this picture. And really, doing it "wrong" is an important part of the creative process. I'll be some child somewhere (or some adult even) would love to own those beautiful "mistakes" in the bowl.

  5. I agree with Fragrant Muse... some child would absolutely be thrilled to get your beautiful 'mistakes' :))) Love all the blues in the photo :)

  6. Looks like a beautiful bowl of art to me! Sometimes when I am at a loss of what to do, I take a piece of my, "Didn't turn out right art", and just go for it. I figure I can't hurt it...and I've ended up with some of my favorite pieces this way. The "Kitty With Heart" (The print that you have) is one of those pieces...she looked very different before.

  7. I totally do this as well! I call mine "The Dog Box", and blogged about it awhile ago...http://laurelsteven.blogspot.com/2009/11/la-boite-de-chiens.html
    Great minds think alike, right?

  8. Love it! Your work is so colorful, and I wish my "failures" looked half as good as yours.


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