Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on Finding Beauty

So many of you commented on how children would love the items in my "failure bowl." Well some of them are now on their way to a good home.

The Continuing Education department at St. Francis University, where my husband works, is looking for odds and ends that they can use in their Kids College Art Camp this summer. I raided the bowl and picked out beads, flowers, hearts, and a not-quite-perfect mermaid.

I wouldn't have seen that possibility in them if it weren't for your comments. Now my bowl is almost empty, although I'm sure it will fill up again soon. There is one piece still in the bowl that I am going to try to salvage thanks to Deb's comment, "I take a piece of my, "Didn't turn out right art", and just go for it. I figure I can't hurt it...and I've ended up with some of my favorite pieces this way. The "Kitty With Heart" (The print that you have) is one of those pieces...she looked very different before."

I now see hope for the broken lotus pendant on the top. I may be able to sand it down and set it in a new background to turn it into a pin or something. After all I can't hurt it!

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  1. Sweet! You may never know about it, but some children are going to love using your creations as part of their own, and will cherish the creations as well as the memory of it for a long time.


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