Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend of Claying

italian inspired polymer clay necklace
Polymer Clay HummingbirdI had a pretty productive weekend playing with clay! These pics are from two of my current projects. The first is my entry in the May Challenge for the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy. The second is from a custom order.

Italian-Inspired Faux Terracotta Necklace
The May Challenge theme is History so I decided to do something art-inspired since I'm an art history major. Don't laugh, I know it isn't a "marketable"major, but it sure was fun!

I had a set of Italian-themed stamps that I could see working on a necklace. I inset the images into a faux terracotta base to create the pendant. It reminds me of ancient pottery.

I created the faux terracotta using a cool technique called inclusion. That is where you add things to translucent clay to get a natural color, in this case ground chili peppers. The black accents are made with gold foil inclusions in a tinted translucent base.

You can vote through May 7. So go vote!

Hummingbird in Flight
The vibrant humming bird is part of a cool custom project I'm finishing up. It is going to be perched upon an art quilt along with a butterfly and 5 ladybugs. Hopefully I'll get some pictures from the woman making the quilt.

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  1. I guess you did have a VERY productive weekend! Cool faux Italian Terracotta necklace. It's nice that your roots in art history get put into play. I like the way you incorporated the rubber stamps. Gives a whole new slant to chili peppers.

    I especially like your hummingbird. The colours are beautiful, as are the delicate patterns on the wings. I suspect that your client will be VERY happy. Looking forward to seeing the picture of them perched on the quilt.
    BTW, thanks for you kind comments at my blog. It IS fun to wear.


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