Friday, July 2, 2010

Celebrating Love in New Orleans

a new marriage begins

16 years of wedded bliss
We have celebrated many of our wedding anniversaries by attending June weddings. Number 16 for us was no exception. But unlike our cold rainy Pennsylvania wedding, this was a sultry southern affair in New Orleans uniting my friend Caroline and her love Scott.
The ceremony was a great reminder of what marriage is all about. The Episcopal priest began with the tale of love as a journey, cautioning the couple that life will have ups and downs, but if you take the journey together your marriage will grow strong.
The priest shared the unfortunate fact that some couples drift apart on that journey. You see them in their twilight years sitting rigidly, miles between them, still married yet somehow alone.
And then he told us about the other couples. The ones that still hold hands. The ones who steady each others' frail bodies. The ones that look at each other with eyes that have shared a wonderful journey. At that point, Rob squeezed my hand, confirming which couple he planned to be.
It was a poignant reminder that every marriage has the potential to thrive or fail. But looking at the love on Caroline and Scott's faces, and feeling the love in my heart, I know our marriages are meant to thrive.


  1. AW! That made me all misty. I love it!

  2. Congrats! Is is always nice to here success stories when it comes to love. Marrying a high school sweetheart, then 16 years later still in love. That is a wonderful feat! To many more

  3. Thanks! Being married to my best friend makes it easy.


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