Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Product Descriptions

Some women love buying lingerie. Personally, I hate spending money on things that 99% of the people I encounter never see. But that being said, a good bra is a necessity for forty-year-old boobs.

Recently the “barely there” bras by Hanes caught my eye.They advertise “No guessing games. Just Smart Sizes.” No A, B, C, or Ds. Instead you selected XS,S,M,L,or XL.

They were on sale last month so, I decided to give one a try. Since pretty colors cost the same as white, I picked out a delicate pink one. When I got home, I noticed a “buy one, try one” offer on the tag. So for just $3 shipping I could send away for a free bra.

I liked the one I picked out, but I wanted a thicker fabric. I went online to scope out the choices. Here is where informative product descriptions come in handy. What I really wanted to know is “will the bra keep my nipples from sticking out in public?”

Since I can’t feel the fabric online I have to rely on the product description to help me out. And there it was. Right there in the benefit bullets. “No telling the world how cold you are.” Bingo. Bra identified.

Unfortunately this one wasn’t one of my choices for a free bra. My search continued, and I settled on one that had “foam cups.” Not sure if that is what I need, but I’ll find out when it gets here.

Informative product descriptions are a must right up there with great photos. Etsy has a really good article, “20 questions your buyers are asking” that outlines some ideas for questions you might need to answer if you plan to sell products online.

What questions do you ask yourself when shopping online?


  1. Good point about the bra sizes...that is one thing I wonder about when shopping online - will it fit, but more than anything, I wonder what material things are made of! So simple to include this in description but it is always missed somehow!

  2. First paragraph had me chuckle, but the "no telling the world..." just made we laugh out loud. However, your point was sooooooo right!

  3. Thanks Redhead!

    For the rest of you, I just met Redhead through a community called BlueFrog. She has a very inspirational blog.

    Visit her when you get a chance.

  4. I thought it was BLog Frog? Anywhooo, I loved your post on bra shopping. It's something that I hate doing, but ....
    Also, thank-you for stopping by my blog! Feel free to visit again, and to comment!

  5. Good catch, Mary. The community is Blog Frog. The word "blog" is written in blue so I switched it up in my head. Too funny! It is like those visual quizzes where they type the word "green" in red, and you read it as "red" instead of "green."


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