Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shape Shifters Among Us

I have a sneaking suspicion that my cats may be shape shifters. You know, humans that took cat form, but found life at my house so cushy they decided to never shift back. Many of their traits are far too human for mere felines.

Case in point, the other night, my orange tabby, Pumpkin, confirmed his grasp of the English language. I was talking to my husband about how buying new cat toys is a waste of money. Poor Mr. Squiggles, the stuffed hamster, has barely gotten any playtime since we brought him home.

Not too long after that conversation, Pumpkin came prancing into the room with Mr. Squiggles in his mouth. Pumpkin has NEVER touched Mr. Squiggles before he overheard our conversation about cutting back on the toys.

I don't know if I've been watching too many True Blood episodes lately, or if it is related to my short-lived Manimal addiction in the fall of 1983, but I find myself wondering if those all-knowing eyes peering at me really belong to the all-American domestic short hairs they make themselves out to be.

(Thank you dear readers for humoring me by reading a post about my cats. Those of you who saw my "About Creative Sprinkle" page have been forewarned that while infrequent, cat posts are fair content on this blog.)


  1. Haha, maybe you are more feline then you thought? I love cats and still mourn the death of my beloved Oskar.

  2. I have always owned cats and have three now. One has no teeth and was dropped off a bridge near our house and left for dead. She is an incredible hunter and tough cookie. I think though they are much smarter than the human as look who is waiting on who. Who is feeding who? Who is taking care of who? In my house, the cats rule. If you don't do what they expect you will pay!

  3. Paula, I have had so many special animals pass on over the years. It is amazing how little things can trigger memories of them even years after they are gone.

    Katlupe, Cats know a good arrangement! It sounds like they are lucky to have found you (especially the poor toothless one!)


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