Thursday, September 30, 2010

Delicious Indecision

When my sister and I were little girls, we looked forward to going with Mom and Dad to this old-timey general store called Buzzard's. Why? Because Buzzard's had a plethora of candy.

  • gummy fish
  • candy dots
  • caramel cow tails
  • wax lips
  • plastic garbage cans filled with garbage-shaped candy 

So many colors. So many shapes. So many flavors.  Ah the deliciousness of indecision!

Today, I get that same feeling from picking out paint chips. My eyes hover over the blues, then drift to the purples. I pick up one here, another there, and before I know it, paint chips fan out in my hands like a winning poker hand. Delicious indecision!  Yet, at some point, a decision must be made.

I faced this dilemma when I painted my bedroom. I stood in the store, my hands filled with chips, calling to me to pick just one.

The indecision was crippling.
"Close, but not quite."
"Maybe this one?"
"No, definitely not."

Then I glanced at a warm gray, putty-colored chip. The color was nice, but it was the name of the color that caught my eye. Indecision, the paint was named indecision! I had a winner.

About the photo:  "Art Nouveau Paint Chips," a print made from a vintage image available at

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  1. love the poster you chose. I miss those 'old timey' hardware stores with so much character.


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