Saturday, October 2, 2010

Puking Pumpkin graces AC Moore FB page

winner of  1st ever 'The Common Thread' logo competition

This fab e-mail message landed in my inbox yesterday.

Thanks again for participating Marie….you may want to take a look at our Facebook page because you’re the winner!!
We appreciate all the hard work you put into creating your Logo entry and being an active member of The Common Thread. We were delighted to see our Fans put their hard work into creating something for our page and we’re proud to have your entry as our Profile Picture for the entire month of October.  
Congratulations and enjoy seeing your work up on our page!
Thanks again,
Rachael Ginter & The A.C. Moore Team
About the project
I hand-sculpted the puking pumpkin from polymer clay and brushed on pearl powder before baking to give it some sparkle. The innards are made by mixing the orange clay with some white to lighten it. Then I rolled thin strings and placed them as squiggles coming out of the pumpkin's mouth.

The leaves are made from clay that I stamped with a grape leaf stamp and cut out with an Exacto knife. Please visit the AC Moore page to see the finished pumpkin in its natural Facebook environment.

Make your own
I'll post detailed instructions with step-by-step photos next week so you make your own.

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