Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make a Polymer Clay Puking Pumpkin

This polymer clay puking pumpkin is one of those projects that can be super simple, or you can add as much detail as you want to make a really intricate pumpkin.

Supply List
  • polymer clay (I like Fimo)
  • Perfect Pearls powders
  • stamp with a grape leaf on it
  • small craft knife
  • needle-pointed sculpting tool
Creating the Pumpkin's Features
Creating the Pumpkin's Features
Start by creating a round or oblong pumpkin shape from a ball of orange clay. Use a needle-pointed tool to add features to your pumpkin starting with the eyes nose and mouth. Then "draw" on lines.  Or, instead of cutting out features, you could opt to add pieces of clay in contrasting colors, or paint on features after the piece is baked.

If you want your pumpkin to have a little sparkle, brush orange-toned pearl powder on top of the clay. If you are adding features made of clay, add the orange pearl to the featureless pumpkin so you don't stain the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Creating the Stem

Creating the Stem
Take a small amount of clay and roll it into a tube. Then begin to shape the tube into a stem. Use the needle-pointed tool to draw lines onto the stem. Twist the finished stem to add some dimension. Brush lightly with pearl powder before pressing the stem into the pumpkin.

Creating the Leaf
Creating the Leaf
For the leaf, roll out a piece of green clay and press a grape leaf stamp into the clay. Cut the leaf-shape out with a craft knife. Pinch the leaf tips gently with your fingers to shape. Then use the needle-pointed tool to add more dimension. Brush with pearl powder.

Creating the Innards
Creating the Innards
Take some of your orange clay and add white to it to create a lighter shade. Roll the clay into thin strings and stream them from the mouth. The thin strands are prone to breakage, so if your piece is going to get touched a lot, make sure the strings are supported by each other. Use the needle-pointed tool to push the strings into the mouth.

Finishing Options
You can keep your pumpkin 3-dimensional, or you can cut of the back as shown above to make it into a pin or a magnet. Bake the piece according to the package directions on the clay.

Here are some examples of projects that I've done using this technique.

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  1. Thanks Kelly!

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  2. We have just discovered your hilarious pumpkin made of STAEDTLER FIMO - we'd love to meet you on our facebook fanpage http://www.facebook.com/STAEDTLER.headquarters - it would be great if you became a fan, too, and showed your tutorial on our page.

    Hope to meet you soon and best regards from STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany, Yvonne

  3. I'm so happy you found my blog! I checked out yours. Very cute! The cupcake looks delicious.


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