Monday, February 21, 2011

Taking Back Lunch

Hello Kitty bento box lunch
I'm feeling stressed, and I need to do something about it. Something like take back my lunch.

Overall things are going great. I've been in my new job as marketing director at Saint Francis University for a little over a month now. In that time span, I went from lost newbie on the first day to an almost fully functioning employee.

I can see great progress. We wrapped up an issue of the magazine, and we are well on our way to redesigning the website. I even managed to still finish a couple of small polymer clay projects for my Young Creative store. I feel more alive than I have for years. Yet, I am also more stressed than I have been in years.

Looking back I can see that my stress levels had fallen dramatically in my old job as I stopped caring as much about my work. In this new setting, my achiever mind translates all of the "new possibilities"  into "things you must to NOW." 

Stress tells me to do things in unhealthy ways. It whispers, "work through lunch to catch up." It makes me reach for a third cup of coffee. It says,  "don't bother to smell the roses when you could try to finish a year's worth of work today instead." 

This is the point where I need to be stronger than the stress. I know from past experience that trying to change everything at once doesn't work. So this week I have one goal. I am going to reclaim my lunch hour.

Wish me luck.

About the photo: This is a lovely Hello Kitty bento box created by modeS. You can read about it and buy the boxes on the company's blog. I also love this one with the three little pigs.


  1. Marie Young!!! Don't you DARE give up your lunch hour! My goodness! You know better than that. Don't make me drag you back to a job you don't care about :-)
    I'll do it!
    Miss you!

  2. Those lunch boxes are adorable.

    Eat a healthy lunch and do yoga every now and then and you'll see the stress melt away.

  3. Great advice, Jenn! I don't know why it is so hard to follow.

    Stacy, I needed you to keep me from working through lunch. Miss you too!

  4. It is so easy to fall into those little traps -- especially for those of us who fall into the "overachiever" category. ... Good luck keeping your lunch hour for you!

  5. If only I followed my own advice I'd be happy, healthy and stress free...

  6. All of this is good, common sense ways to reduce stress and keep fun in our lives. I love the Hello Kitty lunches. I'll try making them for my grand kids. They are all boys but I think they'd appreciate the fun of it.

    Love your blog, and great pics. Nice work on your new camera, too!


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