Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Fall Camouflage Wedding

When it comes to weddings my family is all about DIY. We risk sanity to save a buck, but we also get to put some pretty personal touches on our big days.

The latest one in my family to enter the state of holy matrimony was my baby brother, Michael. He married his girlfriend Ericia last Saturday in a stunning fall ceremony filled with browns, reds, oranges, and mossy oak camouflage.

Camouflage Dreams

To get ready for the big day, each of us took our place at the DIY table. My assignment was chief cake baker. I must admit when Ericia said they were going with a camouflage theme, my eye twitched a little. Camo is about as far from my personal taste as you can get. But when Ericia handed me a satiny camo ribbon with a woodland pattern on it, it felt so sophisticated and amazingly fitting for fall.

The ribbon complemented the gorgeous white wedding dress that my mom created for Ericia. It had a subtle peek-a-boo camouflage fabric stripe up the leg and camo detailing at the bodice. Mom recreated it from a photo that Ericia showed her. Mom also made a camo vest for Michael, rich brown dresses for the two bride's maids, and a precious little flower girl dress for my niece, Jessie. My nephew Ryan carried a camo ring pillow crafted from the same fabric. Mom did all that and still managed to fit in helping with the food and decorations. Talk about stress!
My sister also pitched in with favors and food. She painstakingly created darling paper leaves for on top of the favor boxes using my mom's Cricut machine. Everything turned out beautifully. And thankfully there are no more family weddings in the foreseeable future.



  1. Wow, a lot of creative work went into this memorable occasion! Congratulations to your baby brother and his new wife!

  2. Wow -- looks like it was fun!! Pretty, too!!! :)

  3. Thanks Marlene and Stacy. It was a great yet I am so glad it is over!


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