Saturday, October 22, 2011

Witchy Halloween Treat Bag

Creepy Witch's Grocery List

I have an annual tradition of making treat bags for my niece and nephew. Paper bags make a great base. This year I went with a witch theme since I was having so much fun making polymer clay witch fingers. The finger at the top is polymer clay piece that I glued to a mini clothes pin.

The grocery list is created on a free scroll template that I found here. I inserted the blank scroll image into a Word document and then inserted text boxes to add the witch's "grocery" list onto the scroll. I printed it out and used colored pencils to "age" the scroll. I decorated the plain paper bag with Halloween-themed ink stamps. Stop back to read about what is inside!
Witchy Halloween Treat Bag and its contents

Read about last year's Sepia photo treat bags:

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Kids Photo DIY Halloween Treat Bags


  1. Oh how adorable.
    I make treat bags for all the neighborhood kids - Yes, the word has gotten out, and kids come from all over to trick or treat at our house.

    However, my bags are not as personalized or as cute as yours!

    Last year I thought, is it really worth it? Do they even care...then one little boy came to our house and as he left he screamed - "MOM! I got a BAG!!" It was the cutest thing, talk about tugging on the old heart strings.
    so yep,
    the kids who come to my house, get glow bracelets, crayons, stickers, playdoh, tatoos.....
    this year I'm going to make up a bunch for smaller tykes and some for the little bit older.
    (the really older kids, they don't get one.)

    happy halloween
    from CED

  2. Love the finger clip. Very cute!


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