Saturday, January 14, 2012

Home Business Challenges

Cats and photo shoots don't mix!
Running a business from your home comes with some great perks, but also some interesting challenges. Those of you with kids and pets (or maybe even some husbands) know what I'm talking about.

This is my 6-month old cat Lucy trying to get in on my photo shoot this morning. I have a dedicated work space, but it doesn't have natural light so I end up working in my kitchen more than in my studio, especially for photo shoots.

Usually I close the cats in another room when I'm working, but they were napping today so I thought I could grab some quick pics without worrying about them. WRONG!

What are your challenges and tips?
What are some of the challenges you face working from home? Do you have any great tips? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to link to your blog posts etc in the comments.


  1. It's so tough just to FOCUS some days :)
    I find I get more biz tasks done by packing up & going to the library for 2 hours than I can if I spend all day at home.

  2. So true, Laura. Sometimes you just have to "go to the office" to get onto work mode.

  3. I like it! It wasn't in your original plan, but I think Lucy fits in with the bird... like she is trying to eat it. My challenge when I work from home... phone calls.

  4. Phone calls are a big one for me too. I feel like I need a headset. My mom called on Saturday and we talked for about and a half. I love her, but I was in the middle of a project, and I wished that I could figure out how to hold the phone with one hand and work with the other.

  5. Speaker phone works really well. However, my biggest challenge is people knowing I'm home during the day. It's assumed that I "sit around and eat bon-bons all day". I have deadlines and project goals just like everyone else. Mine just happen to be with fabric.

  6. People do have a hard time believing that you can "work" from home. It is a shame. I like the speaker phone idea, but I'm afraid my mom will hear me 'multitasking"


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