Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oreo Cameo and Insect Curiosities

From Scratch series: "Oreo Cameo #3" by Judith G. Klausner

A sampling of weirdly wonderful art

When my friend Stacy, the one who created "Tub Hair" art,  sent me a Facebook link to this Oreo Cameo, a light bulb went off in my head. Why not use this find to kick-off  a series of posts celebrating the best of the "weird" in the art world? So here is the first post in a this new series of weird to inspire your inner creative.

The work of Judith G. Klausner
This cameo, carved from an Oreo cookie was created by Judith G. Klausner, an artist from Somerville, MA. Judith does a beautiful job rendering traditional themes using unconventional media.  The Oreo is from her "From Scratch" series where she uses Victorian handicraft processes to transform modern packaged foods. In addition to many Oreo cameos, the series also features condiment wallpaper and a cereal sampler.

Off with Their Heads series: "Queen of Hearts" by Judith G. Klausner

I loved viewing her work in the "From Scratch" series in her online gallery, but I delighted even more in her work featuring insects. Judith creates the most wonderfully detailed miniature scenes using insects. She collects dead insects on her wanderings to use in these projects.  I think my favorite is her "Off With Their Heads" series that playfully references the fact that female mantises are notorious for decapitating their mates mid-coitus. Above is the "Queen of Hearts."  She also recreated the tale of "Judith and Holofernes" with mantises.

You can view Judith's work in her online gallery or purchase select prints from her "From Scratch" series at jgklausner.imagekind.com.

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