Thursday, January 5, 2012

Virtual Collecting

Pinterest Virtual Collecting:

Margarets, Batgirl, and nympo librarians! oh my!

People collect some pretty cool stuff. And with the introduction of Pinterest Boards we are no longer limited by money, geography, or even the bounds of physical reality. I love "collecting" my precious internet finds on these virtual boards, cataloging them for future reference. I also love looking at what other people "collect." If you have a cool Pinterest collection give me the link in the comments. I'd love to check it out.

My Pinterest Collection

One of my favorite pinners is Margaret Almon, a mosaic artist from Philadelphia. Margaret collects things that speak to her life and her personality, things like other "Margarets." She dedicated a whole board to authors, artists, actresses, really anyone of interest she can find named "Margaret." Neat idea!

She also has a board of really cool librarian stuff. She shows a great sense of humor in curating this collection. Mixed in with her nostalgic library finds are a cover shot of Nympho Librarian and a poster of Batgirl trying to get you to return your library books. Did you know Batgirl was a librarian?
My former Librarian Life

These are just two of her 21 boards. See her collection at:

If you want to learn more about Pinterest, check out my previous post: Pinterest: 5 reasons you should be pinning. What do you collect?


  1. Thank you for the shout-out Marie! I'm glad you are enjoying the boards. I will keep an eye out for the unusual boards I find on Pinterest!

  2. Here is my boards, take a look !

  3. Great boards! Lots of eye-candy inspiration!


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