Monday, May 28, 2012

Best of Intentions

My husband is a real sweetie with a romantic heart, yet not all of his romantic ideas work out as planned. In fact on Friday his best intentions took on an almost comic element.

Things are really hectic in my day job so I worked Friday while he took a vacation day. He felt bad because I've been so stressed and he wanted to treat me to a worry-free evening.

I arrived home to a clean house. Nice! On the counter was a  bottle of wine with a note that said to enjoy a glass of wine, grab a shower or take a bath, and then we were going out to dinner. Nice again! But before I had a chance to contemplate my next move, the phone rang. My husband was at the grocery store without his wallet. So I hopped in the car and headed off to meet him there.

Back home, I pulled in the drive way and saw grocery bags piled up in front of the door. My husband was at the end of the deck trying to capture our cat Benjamin. The 17+ pound usually "slow, gentle Ben" had run past him and spazzed once he got outside. He wouldn't come to either of us. We chased him through the neighborhood, until he disappeared under a shed. My husband managed to grab his leg and pull him out. He was coated with leaves and spiderwebs and had a horrible stench. We took him inside and gave him a bath. Then we showered and headed out to dinner accompanied by a stiff drink.   

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