Saturday, September 8, 2012

Buyers Choice: French Decor or Saints Homage

The creative process continues even after a handcrafted item goes up for sale. That is when the creative baton goes to a potential buyer who interprets the work in his/her own style. You can see this process in play in the "favorites" lists on Etsy.

Favorites lists are a great way to see how people interpret what you have made and start to transform your creations into their personal style. Below are examples of how two Etsy shoppers have interpreted my antiqued gold fleur de lis switch plate in very different contexts.

One seems to be going for a sophisticated European decorating style, and the other wants to pay homage to favorite sports team. Amazing how they can each be drawn to the same item. Isn't diversity grand!

Shopper 1: soft, French/European modern style
Shopper 2: fun, festive New Orleans Saints fan

Oh, and just a little sales pitch: this item is made-to-order in different sizes and colors so there is one for everyone!


  1. These are so cool, also your sheet music light switch cover is great looking. I love this, though, the Saints and the touch of Paris both reflect your style wonderfully.

  2. So luxurious and lovely! Interesting to see the diversity in its fans.

  3. Thanks Jackie and Anita! The fleur is my best seller, but the sheet music plate is gaining ground.


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