Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fingerlicious Halloween Fun

I just finished up a couple of orders for witch finger ink pens. Wonder if these are going to be "tricks" or "treats" for the lucky recipients?

Want one of your own? You can get one for $12:

or handful for $40:


  1. :) Can't wait to get my "handful" and trick the kids with them.

  2. These are so fun. Love the details. They are beautiful and creepy at the same time. They would be funny to put on your fingers. hmm will have to make hollow ones next year. Or glow in the dark ghost fingers. My young one would freak out. Oh what fun a fun holiday. Lol. we get picked on year round now its time to get the stinkers back. :) www.kidalski.etsy.com . Happy claying Kimberly


Ooh,a comment! How delightful.


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