Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Camo Baby Shower Favors

Cute and easy camo baby shower favors
My sister-in-law, Ericia loves camo; so much so that she and my brother used it as a theme for their fall wedding. Well now that we are getting ready to welcome a new baby into the family, we figured we'd stick with the theme for her baby shower.

These are camo baby shower favors that I made out of pink envelops and "camo" Duck tape. Wouldn't they be adorable for a military-themed shower.

Like them? Here's how you can make your own.

DIY Camo Baby Shower Favors

1. Pick out a long envelope with a nice weight to it. (These are A10 in "Blush")
2. Seal the empty envelope.
3. Wrap a strip of Duck tape across the center making sure it overlaps evenly in the back.
4. Cut the envelope in half with pinking shears.
5. Punch two holes in the top to thread the ribbon through.
6. Fill with a gift. I used snack-sized chocolate bars.
7. Tie shut with a pretty ornament. I make these out of polymer clay (of course!)

Check out this post to make the cinnamon cookie polymer clay ornaments.


  1. You're so smart!! What a great idea! I just love it. So easy....and pretty. I noticed those envelopes yesterday, and even took a second look at them. Fun to know how they're made.

  2. I only found out a week before that we needed favors still so cute and EASY was the only way to go!


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