Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cinnamon Cookie Polymer Clay Ornaments

"Cinnamon Cookie" polymer clay ornaments

Earlier this week, I shared how to make this cute and easy camo baby shower favor from an envelope and a little Duck tape. And as promised, now I'll show you how you can make these adorable "cinnamon cookie" ornaments from polymer clay.

"Cinnamon Cookies" Polymer Clay Ornaments
  1. Mix translucent polymer clay with a tiny amount of brown clay and a dash of cinnamon. If the blend seems dry, you can soften it with a drop of mineral oil.
  2. Roll out the "dough" using a rod or your pasta machine.
  3. Rub some more cinnamon over the top and cut out your shapes with a cookie (or clay) cutter.
  4. Add a hole for the ribbon. I used a small heart-shaped Kemper cutter.
  5. Take a specialty-shaped metal brad fastner used in paper crafts and cut off most of the length of the faster so it doesn't poke through the back of your ornament.
  6. Press the brad into the clay.
  7. Bake according to the clay brand's instructions and string on a ribbon.
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