Wednesday, November 7, 2012

AEDM Day 7

Fleur de lis ornaments
I knew that I would struggle with low energy periods during Art Every Day Month, so I decided to focus on experimenting with textures and color palettes without always having a finished product as the goal.

Part of that process has been creating blank "tiles" out of scrap clay that I can use as my experimentation canvases. Not very exciting stuff to showcase for the rest of you, but necessary for me as a growth tool. So basically I have lots of uninteresting blank tiles done, although I did finish one project this week.

I had these metal jewelry rounds that I thought would make cute Christmas ornaments. I cut a circle of clay to fit inside and baked it in the frame over an oval glass piece (below) to give it the domed shape. Once it cooled, I popped out the clay center and glued it back in place. I still want to play a little bit at adding some depth to the color.



  1. Ah, you've given me an idea! Shaping over the glass is brilliant. I need to follow your idea of making textures and experiments on the low energy days so I don't get myself all worked up like I did yesterday. Your work is always so neat, btw. I struggle with having the patience.

  2. super cute! I like these a lot. Good luck with your Art A Day Month.


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