Sunday, November 11, 2012

Learning from Craft Show Failure

Young Creative Craft Show Show Display
Yesterday I did my second craft show (at least as Young Creative). Let's just say the sales didn't roll in. Not that I expected them to, and that my friends is part of the problem. I can't blame the economy, or the venue, the only thing I have to blame is myself.

You see, even before I agreed to do the show in my hometown with my mom, I had already decided that craft shows aren't my best venue. Most of my work is one-of-a kind. I get easily bored creating the same thing over and over again. I don't have any low priced, easily produced items in my stock. And I didn't bother to create anything more appropriate for a craft show setting.

My style isn't all that aligned with my hometown either. Country and lodge looks are popular there. Yet even if my style overall wasn't a match, it was insightful to see which designs did resonate with people. I think there are a few things in my collection that could explored more.

It is all okay though. I kept my mom company and made sure she wasn't tied to the table all day. And I had lots of people stopping to check out my switch plate covers. Hopefully that means some made-to-order online sales.


  1. I tried doing a few craft shows about 8 years ago and found the same thing. People want cutesy, low price things to give as gifts and stocking stuffers. They aren't interested in fine art or paying more than $20 for anything. Even at our local Art Fest street fairs the artist don't do very well and the crafters do. I think there is just a mentality at craft shows that doesn't translate to good sales for the one of a kind high quality stuff that you do. Yet these same people will go to a gift shop and buy. Frustrating. I do hope you get some referrals, that would be nice.

    1. Hopefully I can find a good venue to add onto the online sales!

  2. I like your attitude. I'm glad that you had some time with your mom and made her life easier. I read your overview of the crafts fair with interest, because my husband keeps on urging me to do fairs again and I keep telling him.....well just about everything YOU wrote. I like on-line selling a whole lot better. No schlepping heavy things, no set-up, and I can write listings in my jammies! Hope you are able to find the very best selling venue for your lovely pieces .

    1. The fair circuit is harder than it looks. As I watched people with elaborate displays break things down at the end of the day, I thought what a hard way to make a living.


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